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Coffee Subscription Program

New coffees are arriving constantly throughout the year, from the juicy East Africans of summer, to the second harvest Colombians of winter, there’s always something new on our cupping table. A subscription service is our way of inviting you behind the curtain to share in an exploration of the coffee universe. Your membership includes delivery of freshly roasted coffee every 14 days (billed weekly, shipped Mondays) from a rotating selection of smallholder farms the world over, complimented by the semi-annual inclusion of custom blended pour-over options that we develop with our wholesale partners. If you find one of these offerings particularly inspiring, you may request to receive it exclusively (until our stock is depleted). Gift subscriptions and further customizations are available, while your membership may be paused or cancelled at any time. In good health, and in good spirits, we hope that you will join us.

8oz ~ $8/wk
16oz ~ $14/wk
8oz Trial for 3 Months ~ $90
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